Optech is a college centre for technology transfer in optics/photonics specializing in optical fibres and sensors, imaging and illumination, metrology and microsystems. We help companies innovate through applied research, product development and our specialized services.


We have the team and the resources to help you develop your products and processes. We work as project supervisors for integrated projects – from design to prototyping to testing – as well as on specific steps or sub-systems of a larger project or product.

Applied Research

Our research projects are structured in collaboration with private companies. Our team has wide-ranging experience in applied research in an industrial setting. We define our projects to meet your needs and adapt to the challenges related to development and technology transfer for businesses. 

Laboratory Services

With our equipment inventory, we can help you meet your specific needs in laboratory services. These services include fast prototyping, 3D digitization, photometric characterizations, fibre optic packagingthin film deposition and specialized cameras.


Photometric Measurements


Machining and 3D Printing Functional Prototypes