Biophotonics is an emerging field of multidisciplinary research that uses the science and technology of optics and photonics to contribute to life sciences developments, including medicine and agronomy.


Optech participates in medical advancements through the development of endoscopic and biomedical probes for the detection of cancer cells and hyperspectral imaging of the retina. In an agrophotonic context, we optimize lighting for the production of plants or algae. We are also developing real-time physiological measurement probes on living plants, which allow the detection of molecules of interest.


In addition to the development of these new products and processes, our researchers and technicians can also meet your specific needs for optical characterization, solar lighting simulation and spectroscopy of culture environments, as well as the measurement and control of lighting regarding the health and safety of workers.

Spectrometry and radiometry in agrophotonic context

Whether it comes from the sun, artificial sources or a mixture of both, the energy used for photosynthesis is called “Photosynthetically Active Radiation” (PAR). The PAR radiation measurement provides a reliable way of predicting the photosynthetic response of a plant without regard to the spectrum of the light source. We have developed expertise in the characterization and optimization of lighting in closed environments for plant production as well as the production of micro and macro algae.

Sensors and probes

Sensors and optical probes are obvious solutions for non-destructive physiological measurements. Typically the industry proceeds destructively with long and expensive chemical or physical means to obtain this kind of information. To circumvent this problem, the use of spectroscopy, or spectrometry, allows physiological measurements by studying the interaction of matter with light radiation by transmission or diffusion. Our experts will help you develop instruments and non-destructive methods of biophotonic measurements.

UV radiation and light quality measurements for humans

Ultraviolet light is used for disinfecting objects or sterilizing food. We have developed skills in the use of light for the destruction of pathogenic elements as well as for the safety and comfort of workers.


Photometric Measurements


Machining and 3D Printing Functional Prototypes