Our expertise in fibre optics and sensors is an integral part of all our applied research, product and process development activities as well as our laboratory services. Our team’s know-how and our specialized equipment are put to use in feasibility studies, design, prototyping and validation tests.

Fibre Optic Packaging

Our expertise in fibre optics and sensors centres around the design and realization of fibre optic packaging. We cover processes such as tapering, splicing and coupling that are used to design and prototype various fibered subsystems. We have expertise in the design of fibered components and their packaging. This knowledge comes from our team’s industry experience and our applied research and ongoing development efforts in fibre packaging, particularly for conventional fibres and medium infrared fibres (ZBlan and InF3). Using our equipment, we can manipulate fibres of significant size (up to 3 mm) and manipulate and fuse a wide range of fibre types with different fusion points.

Bragg Grating Writing

We recently installed two Bragg grating writing stations, one interferential and the other with a phase mask. With these stations, we can develop and validate new architectures for more robust and automated Bragg grating writing. Our team has several decades of industrial experience in the design, manufacture and process control of Bragg gratings writing.

Sensor Packaging

Our expertise in fibre optics and sensors enables us to produce and package sensors for reading physical data. Our work includes temperature, pressure, distortion, vibration and chemical sensors. The theoretical bases behind the physics of these sensors are well-known, and our efforts focus on industrializing these sensors and their manufacturing processes. Our range of integrated services includes designing, developing, prototyping and testing methods for adapting a sensor to its environment so that it properly conforms to its operating conditions.


Photometric Measurements


Machining and 3D Printing Functional Prototypes