With our experience in fibre optics and sensors, microsystems, imaging and illumination, we have built expertise specific to optical metrology. We have a vast proprietary and commercial instrument inventory for metrology, which means that we can perform a wide range of analyses. Among these instruments are digitization, photometric, spectrometry, diagnostic and microscopy devices.

Our metrology expertise ensures quality control throughout the research, development and prototyping process for a product. High-volume consumer items that use optical elements (smart phones, tablets, video game consoles, etc.) have recently made high-tech, low-cost products (LED, motion sensors, plastic lenses, micro-projectors, miniature cameras, etc.) accessible. We use these technologies to offer speed sensors, 3D digitizers and specialized spectral analysis systems at a reasonable cost.

 Dimensional Metrology

Our expertise mainly concerns structured-light dimensional metrology. This approach can be applied using digital projectors (DLP), 2D static arrays and laser lines. We are experts in various 3D digitization techniques and the corresponding algorithmic processing. We offer adaptable solutions that allow for strict automated quality control throughout the production process in a variety of application areas.

 Remote Sensing, Spectrometry and Sensors

Remote sensing techniques can be used to remotely detect and measure gases such as methane and carbon dioxide. We have developed skills in the area of vertical integration of remote-sensing equipment in value-added products. Using this expertise, we can select the best commercial products for your application and integrate them into a unique concept specific to your application.

Our team uses several spectral approaches for gas detection. We have acquired thorough knowledge in spectroscopy to select, design, prototype and test various strategies for sensing and analyzing gases.

Optical sensors (fibered and non-fibered) can also offer interesting solutions for industrial control. By combining our expertise in fibre optics and sensors, microsystems, imaging and illumination, we are able to develop and prototype optical sensors using fibre or optical circuits. Our work includes the integration and packaging of optodes, optofluidic circuits and lab-on-chip sensors.

 Motion Capture

In partnership with the communications program at Cégep André-Laurendeau, we are developing a motion capture and eye tracking laboratory. This laboratory will be used to continue studying human factors and visual ergonomics and to refine our expertise in the field. The development of this expertise is an integral part of our applied research efforts. With help from our institutional and private partners, we anticipate that the lab will be completely operational by 2015.


Photometric Measurements


Machining and 3D Printing Functional Prototypes