We help companies at every stage in the development of their projects by offering a range of integrated services. The development of products and processes is a leading branch of our operations.

Our software resources and extensive instrument inventory support our efforts in all our areas of expertise. Whether for an applied R&D project or a project not eligible for subsidies, we have the team and resources required to help you develop products and processes. We work both as project managers on integrated projects – from design to testing – and on specific stages or subsystems of a broader project or product.

With our team’s industrial and manufacturing experience, we can complete projects in partnership with companies directly involved and specializing in optics/photonics as well as with non-specialized companies. We are aware of the issues companies face and will be able to offer real-life development solutions while taking into account the financial realities of your projects.

We can also help you in the initial steps of evaluating a project’s economic and technical feasibility, especially everything related to preliminary patent research, evaluating the competition and finding and vetting suppliers.



Photometric Measurements


Machining and 3D Printing Functional Prototypes