Our mission is to invigorate the Quebec tech economy by helping companies integrate optics/photonics technologies into their products and processes. In fields as varied as aeronautics, the environment, architecture and the performing arts, we mobilize our experts and involve a variety of grant and tax credit programs.

Our Experts

Our team focuses on four areas of expertise: fibres and sensors, imaging and illumination, metrology and microsystems. We are able to offer integrated solutions for applied research or product and process development projects as well as one-time laboratory services.

Tax Credits

We are recognized as a public research centre, which means that companies can apply for tax credits for academic research or research carried out by a public research centre or research consortium (SR&ED tax credits). In order to benefit from this credit, you need to make an advance ruling request, usually within 90 days of signing a research contract. For further details, visit the Revenu Québec or Canada Revenue Agency website.
If the project is not eligible for these research tax credit programs, it may be eligible for a tax credit for technological adaptation (CO-1029.8.21.22 – French only). Please visit the Revenu Québec website for further information.


The programs available are many and varied and change over time. We can help you identify the programs that best fit your development plan, find out whether your projects are eligible and help you with the process.
There are many grant categories, mainly divided into grants for companies and grants for CCTTs (college technology transfer centres) and academic institutions. The programs are administered by Ministries, consortiums and public organizations.
Our business development team can help you build a strategy with help from consultants from Ministries and organizations such as MESRS, FQRNT, CIHR, NSERC, NRCC-IRAP, CED, CFI, consortiums (CRIAQ, Prompt, etc.) and CDLs (local development centres). Grants range from $5,000 to several million dollars and cover projects extending from three months to five years. You will certainly find a program that corresponds to your project.
We are currently working with a dozen private companies thanks to grant programs including NSERC’s ARD and IE programs, MESRS’s PART program, PROMPT’s Écolo-TIC program, NRCC’s IRAP program and DEL’s Support for Innovative Businesses program. In each case, our team has helped companies select and get accepted for these programs, whose purpose is to encourage applied R&D in partnership.
Two major research projects subsidized by NSERC (IE program) are ongoing at CEGEP André-Laurendeau and Optech: the first one on sensors made from optical fibre and the second one on imaging and illumination. Both research projects involve several industrial partners and aim to develop the partners’ and Optech’s know-how. Contact us if you would like to take part in these projects.