Optech offers specialized, out of the box, services covering specific needs in optics.  Notably, we offer services in photo and radiometry, prototyping, 3D metrology and specialized training.

Photometric Measurements

Ray file

IES File / Angular intensity

Our expertise, combined with our instrument inventory enables us to offer a wide array of measurement services in photo and radiometry. Our reputation is established as a leader in standard measurements (ies, LM79…) and custom, project related, specialized measurements. We can characterize optical sources (LED, laser, assemblies…) and optical properties of surfaces (colorimetry, spectroscopy, BRDF, BTDF…) and volumes (scattering, refractive index, spectral absorption and transmission…)  Read More


We prototype optical and optomechanical parts through 3D printing or machining. Among the parts we machine or print are plastic lenses. We can also create moulds for your lenses or specialized parts. Read More


Optech provides customized training in the field of optics. The subject matter, adjusted to your needs, may cover themes as varied as deciphering standards, mastering design and simulation tools, the principles of laser safety and characterization techniques. Read More

3D Digitization

We are experts in several digitization methods and can digitize your samples and prototypes according to your specifications. We own a 3D digitizer with encoded arm, a mechanical 3-dimensional measuring machine (CMM), a confocal microscope, an interferential microscope and a 3D structured light scanning digitization system. Read More

Fibre Optic Packaging

We have available a Vytran GPX-3400 processing platform. This versatile device works with optical fibres and can perform tasks such as splicing, tapering, coupling and dividing using optical fibres ranging from 125 μm to 3 mm. We can also precision manufacture several types of subsystems according to your specifications.

Bragg Grating Writing

We own two Bragg grating writing stations, one for direct writing and another for interferential writing. We own a 266 nm laser we can use to write various Bragg gratings according to your specifications. We write uniform gratings, laser cavities, phase jumps, apodized gratings and variable pitch gratings. We can package sensors and resheath fibre with acrylate or polyimide. We can also produce more specific gratings using a second 193 nm laser.

Optical Thin Films

Using our electron beam evaporator, the HHV Auto306, we apply thin films of material (metallic or dielectric) with a variety of properties (reflective, anti-reflective, conductive, etc.). We can apply thin films of various types of coatings, according to your specifications, on lenses or optical fibres to modify their properties.

Specialized Cameras

We own a high-speed camera and a thermal camera that can be used to observe phenomena imperceptible to the human eye. Read More

Tests in Climate-Controlled Conditions

We are equipped with two Envirotronics climate chambers fitted with an access port for carrying out analyses during measurements and controlling the devices during the cycles. The temperature and humidity cycles can be adjusted to created simulated climatic conditions for carrying out tests on devices and components. Both Envirotronics chambers are mainly used to perform functional tests based on preset standards to confirm that devices and components work properly in high-risk environments.