3D printing of lens and specialized pieces

We prototype optical and optomechanical parts through 3D printing or machining. Among the parts we machine or print are plastic lenses. We can also create moulds for your lenses or specialized parts.

Printer for Quick Prototyping

Connex 3D Printer

The 3D printers available at Optech can be used to quickly generate prototypes. Optech owns a high-precision printer, the Stratasys Object350 Connex. With this printer, Optech can produce one-off parts with a specific use or even prototypes requiring characteristics or dimensions that are impossible using conventional machining techniques. Along with offering precision up to 46x46x16 μm, the Object350 makes it possible to choose a material that will provide a solid matte, flexible or even transparent finish. These options give you wide flexibility and a vast choice of uses. In addition, printing is done directly from the CAD of the object, which simplifies the transfer process.

Transparent samples can be printed using VeroClear ink. With sufficient polishing, lenses and other optical components can be created. These prototypes can be used to perform primary tests at a fraction of the cost of an actual lens.

Lens Prototyping

Precitech Nanoform X, tour à tête diamantée à 3 axes

Three-Axis Diamond

Optech is equipped with a Precitech Nanoform X. This three-axis diamond lathe can machine optical and optomechanical parts that require extremely meticulous work, such as lenses and mirrors.

There are five real-world applications associated with the three-axis diamond lathe: manufacturing polymer lenses, reflectors, moulds, infrared lenses and optomechanical parts, in a variety of forms and materials.

Optomechanical Prototyping

Through its partnership with the CIMME (Centre intégré de mécanique, de métallurgie et d’électricité), Optech can offer companies fast and high-quality optomechanical prototyping services.

Starting from a CAD, we manufacture prototypes using materials including aluminum, polymers and crystals. The CNC 5 AXES machines parts quickly and precisely, even complex parts that are hard to machine by hand.