Optech provides customized training in the field of optics. The subject matter, adjusted to your needs, may cover themes as varied as deciphering standards, mastering design and simulation tools, the principles of laser safety and characterization techniques.

Basic Optics Course

Optical assemblies: Concepts in optics. Nature of light. Light propagation. Optical instruments. Aberrations. Absorption. Wave optics. Optical breadboard assemblies. Optical measurements. Practical exercises.

Fibre optics: Total internal reflection. Attenuation. Modal and chromatic dispersion. Causes of attenuation. Manufacturing and installing fibre. Fusion. Connector installation. Traction tests. Transmitters, receivers and repeaters. Practical exercises.

Lasers: Emission lines. Spontaneous emission. Stimulated emission. Light-matter interaction. Interferometry. Holography. Optical cavity. Pumping. Properties of laser emission: collimation, monochromaticity, coherence, power density. Continuous lasers. Pulsed lasers. HeNe, argon/krypton, YAG and CO2 lasers and laser diodes. Practical exercises.

Photonic components: Fibre properties. Loss assessments. Dispersion assessments. Modulation. Simulations with OptiSystem. Special fibres (PCF, GVD, EDFA). Bragg gratings. Non-linear effects. Couplers. Characteristics of couplers. WDM components. Practical exercises.


Olphy is a multimedia learning tool with some highly innovative features. Its characteristics were developed exclusively to meet requirements expressed by companies.

This tool was designed for a structured educational setting. For each module, learners will go through the following steps: elaboration, exploration, confirmation and construction. This educational progression will help them learn concepts step by step. They will also consolidate their newfound knowledge through interactive and simulation activities integrated into their daily environment to maintain their interest.

In each module, learners will be given a series of exercises to test what they have learned. The exercises will deal primarily with the conceptual side of the ideas presented. Learners will be able to perform most of the exercises without doing any calculations.

Each Olphy training module is structured to be completely standalone. That way, Olphy modules can be combined in ways that suit your training needs.

Companies can build training programs for individual or groups of employees to help them acquire the knowledge and develop the skills required for them to perform their tasks.

Olphy deals with seven major themes that define what optics are. Using graphics, theoretical definitions, etc., the software explains optics, wave optics, geometrical optics, the nature of light, sources and sensors, optical instruments and the eye.

Olphy offers two levels of content complexity, beginner and intermediate.

To register, contact Martin Langlois at (418) 856-4350, ext. 154.

Laser Safety Officer Training

This training helps learners understand the health risks inherent in working with lasers and overcome these risks using technical, regulatory and standard-related tools.

It is specifically aimed at safety managers at industrial sites and labs, researchers and workplace doctors.

The training deals with the following topics:

  • Principles of laser emission, characteristics and technologies of the primary lasers and their applications
  • Hazards related to laser beams and applications
  • The set of standards that applies to lasers
  • Preventive and protective measures
  • Analyses of laser safety and accidents
  • Calculation of the allowed exposure levels and standard distances for risk of eye damage; exercises for choosing individual protection